• Bear Den Hike- rescheduled from Feb

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    Bear Den
    Sunday, March 21, 2021 - 1:00pm

    The February hike will be the Fall Line Trail!!

    The trailhead starts from the eastern side of the parking lot on the southeast side of Colesville Road. The trail has two entrances, and you can pick either. (One entrance goes up the bluff. The other takes the trail near the creek, but they both join up after about a mile.) After the first mile, the trail is mostly flat and follows a creek, but the first half mile may require some scrambling, if you take the low-road along the creek. Once you pass under I-495, you can turn around. Or, you can turn around before then, too, we won't tell anyone. :)

    One cool thing about this trail is that it shows the intersection of two different types of rocks: the harder igneous / metamorphic rock of the Piedmont Plateau and the largely sedimentary rock of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. That boundary is called The Fall Line, hence the name of the trail. Neat, huh?

    Trailhead + Parking:


    Trail Map:

    NORTHWEST BRANCH STREAM VALLEY PARK TRAILS (montgomeryparks.org) (Parking lot is on Page 3.)


    Montgomery County link for the park:

    Northwest Branch Stream Valley Park Trails - Montgomery Parks